Viral Lightning Review: How it Works?

My experience with this program is good right now. In fact, I joined since 3 months, but ignored it for a while and returned back advertising it again a few weeks ago, and I made 4 sales right now using this program, so it’s working if you put some work promoting it, and it can give you real and awesome results.

Basically, this VL Funnel is designed to promote a specific affiliate offer on Warrior Plus ( a marketplace for Internet Marketing products, you can sign up there for free and get your affiliate links to promote them for free too). The VL funnel will help the marketers to generate quality traffic to their online businesses, and you, as an affiliate, will receive a commission for every sale made by your direct or indirect referrals.

The best feature of Viral Lightning is allowing you to receive so many affiliate commissions on autopilot. When you join the program you get the “locked” status, meaning that you can’t receive affiliate commissions yet. To unlock your funnel for commissions, you have 2 options:

1. First Option: Instant-Unlock coupon by purchasing the featured offer to get the coupon allowing you to unlock your funnel. Once you do that, you will be able to get a coupon code from the membership area which you can use to unlock your funnel instantly and add your affiliate link, then start generating Direct and Viral Commissions from that offer. This is the best option, because you unlock your funnel instantly and you enjoy the useful product at the same time.

2. Second Option: You have to pass up 5 referrals to your sponsor, in order to unlock your funnel. You have to promote your unique VL Funnel link until you get 5 referrals, those referrals are going to be passed up to your sponsor, and once you do that, your funnel will be unlocked and you will be able to add your affiliate link, and generate commissions from your next sales.

So, as more people you recruit for VL as more online income you are going to receive, either directly or indirectly (by receiving autopilot referrals). And this is the most powerful feature of Viral Lightning, in my view.

What I Like

I like the whole program, and how easy you can make money online using it. Receiving referrals on autopilot isn’t offered online by many programs, and the most interesting thing here is that everyone joining will be motivated enough to purchase the product and unlock his potential income rather than passing his 5 first referrals to his sponsor.

What I Dislike

Honestly, nothing to dislike right now for this program.

Final Verdict

This program is working out for me, and should work for you too, but you have to put in some work and spend some time advertising it firstly, especially if you choose to unlock your status for free, you will have to get your 5 first referrals as soon as possible, to be eligible for receiving affiliate commissions.

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