OLSP System Review: Start Making Money Today

I am writing today my honest review about OLSP System. I hope it will help you to get a good idea about it.

OLSP is the back-office (membership site) that contains free training and access to a Facebook community that helps complete newbies start earning online. Some have gone from zero to five-figure incomes.

The group was originally started to teach members that making money online comes with building a list – but sometimes people still take a lot of convincing of this! This may have been because they didn’t want even the small expense of an autoresponder subscription – but of course, this is no excuse for LeadsLeap members, who have SendSteed! For members who have yet to be convinced of the value of list-building, the group leader hosts training webinars and low-cost product launches from which members can earn commissions if any of the people they have introduced to the group make purchases. (It’s a two-level affiliate system, and there is no need to make any purchase to earn a commission from your referrals. )

If you’ve ever wanted a system for FREE where you can learn how to start making money online but would also like the help you deserve to succeed then look no further and get started here today. The training that Wayne provides is top notch and whether you’re a newbie to online marketing/affiliate marketing then you will definitely learn quite a lot from this training package that is provided in the members’ area for free.

What I Like

It’s open to everyone as there is no investment involved to get started All the training is laid out in a simple to follow plans and in order.

A points system to keep you motivated and keep doing your daily actions to beat others and get on the leaderboard to win prizes Regular webinars that provide value Once a member joins you then you will earn commissions from them whatever they buy through the system even if it’s from one of the live webinars.

This is a genuine way for newcomers to make money online, with no requirement whatsoever to spend money first. All they have to do is recommend the training to others who need help.

The training is good and doesn’t pull any punches that it’s easy to make money online. To warn against this myth, our mentor will often highlight how much he spent in failed ventures before he became profitable.

Lots of support for members – as well as support from more experienced members, there is THREE paid staff supporting this free group!

The owner has adapted to the needs of the members who were SO inexperienced that they initially found his training quite hard to implement! He’s gone back to basics.

The products we are learning to promote range from $13 product launches especially for the group, right up to high ticket monthly coaching services. Again – NO requirement to buy them ourselves.

As a network marketer myself I sometimes introduce team-members who have no idea about online marketing. And of course, I certainly don’t have all the answers either. This group is somewhere I can send contacts to learn about marketing, and where they can earn commissions without spending anything.

Final Verdict

Highly recommended for the support and training. You will have access to all the group’s copy-writers, image creators, video-makers – and all the other skills that a newbie affiliate marketer doesn’t even realize they need. If you haven’t guessed already, I love this system and I’m sure that you will too. If your not already involved in it then I highly recommend that you take action right now. I just want to finish off by saying a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to Wayne Crowe and his team for this system.


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