Top Traffic Sources

The last 30 Days (8 December2020-8 January 2021)


I got 35 leads using this safelist the last month. I am gold member there, but you

can blast your ad to 1000 members daily for free, without clicking any ads.

The upgrade is affordable too, only 50$ for lifetime Golden Membership.


I got 18 leads using this site alone. It is not free to use, but the solo ads are

cheap, and you get +400 clicks for every email sent, if your offer is good

you will get leads/signups for sure using this platform.


This is a famous traffic exchange, but it is effective too. I got 14 leads

using this site during the last month. I try to surf there daily

beacuse it is giving results.

Free Advertising For You

This is a goldmine for free traffic. You can use its solo ads, or banner ads,

or any other type of free advertising and you get results.

I got 10 leads the last month using this site alone.

Viral Commando Profits

This free site is very performing if you use its solo ads.

It is free and you get a free package of advertising when you join,

I got 9 leads using its solo ads.

Viral Commissions

It is similar to the previous site, and it is giving results as well.

I got 8 leads during the last month using this site.

Viral Mailer For You

The sister site of FAFY. You can advertise in many ways including

sending solo ads. I got 8 leads using multiple advertising methods there.


I got 5 leads using this site the last month.